Special Types of Wooden Shoes

Oldest wooden shoe found

The oldest wooden shoe ever found in the Netherlands was found during the construction of de Amsterdam Metro system. Carbon dating technique dated it at 1230, proving that the wooden shoe is at least worn for 800 years in the Holland. Probably they where worn a lot longer. Because they are made out of trees, Mother Nature has taken most of the ‘old’ pieces back to herself, and old shoes where probably used for stoking the stove.

Skate clog

The Dutch have long been known as real skating enthusiasts. Skating is an important part of Dutch culture and history. During the Olympic Winter Games, the Netherlands always gets a lot of medals in speed skating. Combine a skate with another typicly Dutch thing, and you'll get this

Smuggler's Clog

This smuggler's clog was used in the Belgian-Dutch border region to mislead the customs officers. At the bottom the sole and the heel were swapped so that the investigating officers followed the trail of the smugglers in the wrong direction. The smuggle clogs were mainly used in the 1920s and 30s.

Ice Walking Clogs

These clogs from Marken are made to walk on the ice. They got sharp points at the bottom. When the dam was completed in 1932, the water changed from salt to sweet. In the winter the water could now freeze around the island of Marken, making it inaccessible to boats. In order to be able to supply the island, this kind of clogs were used to walk across the ice

Horse Clogs

Not many people know that there are clogs for horses. Why do horses need clogs? The clogs have a large flat sole so they have more support in a swampy area.

Wedding Clogs

On the island of Marken it was tradition to give a pair of elegantly cut clogs to your future bride as a marriage proposal. When she accepted the shoes she accepted the proposal. The clogs were worn from the moment of engagement to the wedding. After that, the clogs were placed in a nice spot in the house as a reminder of "the most beautiful day of your life."


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