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Wooden Shoes and Marken Blog

How to fit a wooden shoe

wooden shoe fitting

Every day hundreds of people try out the clogs in our store. Of course they want the right size. How does this work with clogs? A clog must not be too tight. When you take them too small, you get pain at your feet. 

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The origin of the Dutch kissing couple

Giant Kissing Couple

Everyone who have visited the Netherlands remembers them, the Dutch kissing couple. In the last years it has become a true symbol of Dutch love. It has a typical Dutch appearance through Dutch clothes, and everyone loves love. Every day people take pictures in our wooden shoe factory. A popular pose among couples is always "the kissing couple." It is very simple:

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Why do some wooden shoes have pointy noses?

Many people think that all clogs have pointy noses. That is certainly not the case, most people wear clogs with round noses. Why are the wooden shoes always shown with sharp points? This is probably due to the appearance of the traditional Dutch fishing villages for foreigners.

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First Post

Hello, welcome to the blog of the wooden shoe factory Marken. Every day we get a lot of questions from our guests about wooden shoes, and the beautyful island of Marken. We will write an article here regularly to inform you on these subjects. Here we discuss important facts about clogs, but also fun facts

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