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Wooden Shoes Plain


The plain wooden shoes stays popular. Most people use the shoe as a working shoe for around the house. there is no need for a fancy design. Without the paint it allready has its waterresistant ability, so it keeps the feet dry and warm.


The main advantages of a wooden shoe:

  • waterresistant, you will never get wet feet.
  • the wood provides isolation, it keeps the feet warm in the winter and cold in the summer.
  • never get sweaty feet.
  • orthopedically shaped, resulting in good support and healthy posture
  • safety shoe (has a CE quality mark, and is tested to ressist a pressure of 300 kg / 661 lbs)
  • sharp objects on the ground wont pierce your shoe.
  • easy to get on and off.
  • you can give your shoes a second life as planter.
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